Psychic Medium  Lauri Ivers

   Intuitive Healer/Spiritual Teacher


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Welcome.  Thank you for being part of my experience.  I am grateful that we have aligned together to share our paths.

I am Lauri Ivers, an internationally known psychic medium, intuitive healer and spiritual teacher.  I am passionate about empowering you to create a life filled with joy, prosperity & abundance.  I awakened to my gifts through the catalyst of divorce. I have always felt the presence of Spirit, The Love Team as I like to refer to them. I have known that I would be a teacher since the age of four. I channel without limitation which allows me to connect in all realms with Universal Light Beings.  It is a joy for me to connect you with your beloveds who may have transitioned from the earth plane. The Love Team & I give you awareness of what is creating your current circumstances. We share practical easy in the moment tools to transform any area of your life.