Psychic Medium  Lauri Ivers

   Intuitive Healer/Spiritual Teacher


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Sep 23

I give you a lot of the credit. I had a reading with you at a local event a few years ago and I more than tripled my income and got everything on my dream board. i have to make a new one. Finally realized money doesn't mean everything and walked away from my corporate grind to go back to consulting. Thank you so much for your guidance. Katrina

Cheryl Meier Harris

I met Lauri at a gallery reading back in 2013, she told me that she could see me working as a Light Worker. I followed up the reading with a private reading, where she also showed me what to put into my tool chest. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my new Joy Of Being.

Lauri has introduced me to other teachers which helped me increase my knowledge and better enrich my journey. The next year or so I spent studying and soaking up as much information as I could get my hands on to. Every time I saw Lauri she would ask me if I was ready to start doing what I have learned for a living.

Lauri always had a way of seeing people’s true potential even if you didn’t see it in yourself. I had just finished up some classes and Lauri was offering a new class, “Psychic Gifts Mentoring Group” It was in this class that my confidence blossomed.

Lauri gives you the tools that you need to succeed and is your biggest cheerleader. What I like about Lauri is she never gives up on you and does not take no for an answer. She will lovingly guide us to see our potential.

Yes, this class helped me gain the confidence to go out and start my business. I know am confident in my readings. I am reading twice a month at a local store, as well as being asked to participate in holistic fairs around New England, I even was asked to be a guest on a blog radio.

Lauri saw in me the potential, she never gave up on me and never allowed me to give up on myself. Lauri and I will always be connected and I know that I can always reach out to her whenever I need a boost.

Lauri is truly gifted and has an infectious laugh that puts everyone at ease. Like she says, everyone has this gift, they just need to learn how to use it. I am proud to call her my mentor and friend.

Lauri's gift is extremely unique, she has a wonderful way of looking at a situation and seeing all the possibilities that are available, she teaches you how to always ask in a positive way. Anyone going through a life struggle can benefit tremendously with just one session with Lauri, her laugh is contagious and beautiful. She truly is a gift to all of us. Thank you for being there. Much Love Donna 2/19/15

Lauri and I's paths have connected for quite some time now- "spirit is telling me 4 year!. Lauri is very gifted and shares her tools for our well being. Less than 12 hours after a session with Lauri I have had the right people here to help me through the winter storms. High vibration of 369 Hz increasing my skin and immune health through cell regeneration! Lauri is intuitive, fun and honest. I look forward to our next session. Light and Love always,

Lauri was amazing! She is very insightful and one session with her was life changing and very helpful! Simone Massage Therapist 1/14/2015

I am grateful for all the tools and gifts Laurie has taught me. Thank you for helping me

with my divine path. 11/11/14 Regina

Meeting Lauri happened quite by accident but I am so thankful it happened. Lauri has been able to provide me with insights and tools that have helped me in many facets of my life. I am grateful that Lauri is willing to work with me when I am ready to take the next step instead of suggesting a regular schedule of readings. I love the way she tells it like it is. Thank you Lauri for your amazing insights, I look forward to our next meeting.  Anne G.

my experience was wonderful.... i am so grateful that you are utilizing your gift to help guide others ... thank you so much for helping me along my journey. I look forward to talking w/you again soon & to learning to develop my own gift & teaching others.